Preparing For Hacktoberfest

Over the course of October, I will be participating in Hacktoberfest, an event promoting open source development. As part of this event, I will be contributing to various open source projects with both bug fixes and improvements.


Get involved with something interesting

If I am going to get involved with a project, I will be much more motivated if I'm personally invested in the product. Additionally, as I find myself using open source software on a regular basis, I want to I've back to the community by contributing my skills and ideas.

Learning more about Git

Git is a powerful tool that I can see myself using for collaborative project both in personal work and in the workplace. However, I'm still very new to Git, so I want to take this opportunity to learn more about it and its various features.


For the 3 issues I selected, I picked with issues for projects that interested me while still being within the scope of my skills.

Mint: Improvements to UI

Mint's home page

Mint is a financial tracking web app that can consolidate data across multiple bank accounts, displaying it all in one place.
This issue involves making general UI improvements and making page themes more consistent across the app.

OpenRCT2: Adding Setup Activity to Android Version

OpenRCT2 is an open source version of the game Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 that has numerous new features such as multiplayer and additional customizability for park attractions.
The issue I selected involves adding a feature to allow users to select the Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 install folder on setup, instead of having to manually configure it.

Darkreader: Fix Toggle Button on Android 

Using Darkreader
Darkreader is a browser extension that inverts the brightness of web page elements, allowing users to use a "night theme" on web pages that don't have a dedicated night theme feature.
This issue involves fixing the on/off toggle button in the Android version of the extension.

Bonus: UNISTHitboxes: Frame Data Viewer

Example of Hitbox (red) and Hurtbox (blue)
As a potential additional project, I want to try adding a frame data viewer functionality to AltimorTASDK's UNISTHitboxes, a script that displays the hurtbox and hitbx information of moves in the fighting game Under Night In-Birth. However, I'm not sure if this would be within the scope of my skills, and my being able to add this feature depends on AltimoreTASDK's willingness to take pull requests.


In order to prepare for Hacktoberfest, I will be reading over the source code for the projects I am planning to work on in order to figure out how they work and how everything is laid out. I'll also read up on any APIs or languages I may have to use but don't already know.


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