The Whiteboard Note Taking App

The Whiteboard Note Taking App lets you take quick notes on your browser and access them later. It can be accessed from both desktop and mobile, however the save feature only works on desktop.

The Whiteboard Note Taking App features a word count tracker, a save feature, a save indicator, and hotkey support. The app is written in HTML and JavaScript, and uses the Countable.js, Filerjs, and jQuery APIs. The word count tracker uses Countable.js and keeps displays the number of words in the note. The save feature utilizes Filerjs to save notes and retrieve them when the page is opened and jQuery to detect when the "Save Note" hotkey combination (CTRL+S) is pressed.

Whiteboard is hosted on GitHub Pages and the source code can be found on GitHub here.

While writing this application I learned about the contentEditable property as well as how to create custom hotkey combinations. I also learned about using Filerjs to save data without having to create a separate file to store it.


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