Reading Level in Telescope: Internal Contribution

Last week, I completed my internal pull request for this assignment: implementing reading-level.

The Issue

Lozinska suggested that we implement a feature to measure the writing level of blog posts, and  cyh0968 suggested we use the reading-level node.

The Fix

After installing reading-level,  I read up on the documentation to figure out how to use it and what it was returning. I learned that calling reading-level with the arguments 'full' and the text to be analyzed returns an object containing the reading level among other things. I created reading-level.js and exported the reading-level function.

Exporting reading-level
After finishing reading-level.js, I began creating tests for the feature. I found example data in the documentation and decided to use it for the tests, as I knew what the results should be. I decided to compare the unrounded reading level in the tests as I figured that was the most important value in the returned object. I also made sure to test cases that should return errors.

Some of the tests written for reading-level
Once I finished with the tests, I added some documentation to reading-level.js explaining the properties of the returned object and how to use the feature, then I created a pull request for my branch.

Community Interaction

As I didn't add much code implementing reading-level, the review process went smoothly, and my pull request got accepted without any issues.

Initially I was hesitant to pick up this issue, as I the last comment was someone asking if they could assign themselves to it. However, the last action shown was that person unassigning themselves and the issue had not been updated in around 2 weeks. Eventually, I figured that that person probably wasn't working on the issue anymore and assigned it to myself.


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